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Recipe for Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

We are having so much fun decorating for Valentine's Day, we just had to take some time out to decorate some Valentine's Day treats. Here's...
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Are You Ready to Decorate for Valentines?

We have a nice selection of Valentine's Decor that we are putting the finishing touches on right now. We'll be posting
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Your Heart, Your Style, Your Home

Thank you for visiting our website and reading our blog. We hope you'll find it be fun, informative and timely. Besides
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My Funny… Valentine FAIL

Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming. As a loving husband, I have messed it up more than once! However, I prefer to share my...
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Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to the many blessings before us this year and wish you a new year filled with...
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Here are a few items from our Etsy store.