My Funny… Valentine FAIL

Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming. As a loving husband, I have messed it up more than once! However, I prefer to share my memories of the times it wasn’t my fault.

One year, I sent a beautiful vase of mixed flowers to my wife’s office. She ended up getting very sick the day before Valentine’s Day and then missing the next three days of work. Due to company policy, the other ladies could not open them to water them. She returned to work to open a box of dead flowers with a nice note from me!

Then there was the very next year when I got smart and had them sent to the house. All day long, no delivery. Finally, I check the tracking and it shows that they were delivered. So, I call them up to get this straightened out. After being on the phone for 20 minutes with a very nice lady trying to convince her that no flowers had been delivered, one of our sons found the package. It had been thrown behind the flower bed somewhat near the vicinity of our front door by the delivery guy.

Hopefully, your Valentine’s day goes a little smoother.

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