5 Reasons You Should Choose Cloth Napkins

5 Reasons You Should Choose Cloth Napkins

Green Leaf Cloth Napkins, Set of 4 Napkins, Contemporary Napkins, Everyday Dinner Napkins

Green Leaf Cloth Napkins, Set of 4 Napkins, Contemporary Napkins, Everyday Dinner Napkins. Available in limited supply at LorDelLinens.Etsy.com

For the purposes of full disclosure, I have to admit that I am biased on this matter. I’ve not only used cloth napkins in my home for many years, I’ve also made them and sold them at our craft shows and now on my Etsy store for nearly 20 years now.

There are a lot of good reasons to choose cloth napkins over disposable paper napkins. Cloth napkins work better and feel better than disposable paper napkins. They look nicer and make any meal or dinner a special occasion. They are reusable and easy to care for. Our cloth dinner napkins are easily laundered and can be, touched up with an iron if necessary. There are plenty of great reasons to use cloth napkins but I’d like to point out how choosing cloth napkins can make a positive impact on our environment.

Using paper napkins can have a significant environmental impact. With only 50% of the U.S. population, using paper napkins for 3 meals per day, more than 178 Billion paper napkins would make their way into our landfills within a year.

Cloth napkins have been around a while, in fact, ancient Romans used cloths to wipe their hands and mouth when dining. In the middle ages, a single cloth hung from the edge of the table serving as a communal napkin. This practice was replaced with separated napkins for individual use during the middle ages.  (Aren’t you glad!!)

Did you know napkin rings were used during the 19th century to help household members identify their napkins for reuse between washings?

The paper napkin was first introduced by the Scott Paper company in the 1930s and was quickly adopted for their convenience. In their day, disposable napkins became the New and “Improved” version of the traditional cloth napkins. Over time though, with a greater concern given to our environment, cloth napkins have gained in popularity and for many reasons.

Reuse and Recycle – Cloth Napkins are meant to be laundered for reuse.

While paper napkins are solely capable and intended for one use, cloth dinner napkins can be laundered and reused. High-quality cloth napkins can easily be used for many years and are easy to care for. Our napkins are made of high quality 100% cotton and can be cared for with minimal effort. We recommend to machine wash our cloth napkins on gentle cycle in cold water and lightly iron if necessary. 

Cloth napkins create a warm and inviting table setting

In today’s busy world, we need all the help we can to bring the family together at mealtime.  Cloth napkins provide that extra special touch to your table and create a warm and loving space for family and guest.  They are great for everyday use – not only special occasions!

Cloth Napkins feel so much better and keep your hands and face cleaner than paper napkins.

Wiping your face or mouth just feels much better with cotton dinner napkins. Paper napkins often feel rougher and easily tear, creating their own little mess, making them less effective at cleaning the mess at hand. Can you wipe your face and hands with paper napkins? Well, of course, you can. But why would you? After using cloth napkins you will not want to go back to using paper.

The Aqua Napkin photographed above is available for purchase at LorDelLinens.Etsy.com while supplies last.

The Aqua Napkin photographed above is available for purchase at LorDelLinens.Etsy.com while supplies last.

Cloth Napkins are a lot more fun to decorate with.

Cloth napkins are available in a wide variety of fabrics/prints and provide many fun ways to decorate your table, place settings and more. With seasonal and holiday-themed napkins available, there’s always a new look to help you decorate your home. There’s also many different napkin folding and decorating techniques that are fun and easy to do.

Cloth napkins are friendly to the environment.

Cloth napkins are a much better choice for our environment. They are washable, reusable and over the lifetime of a cloth napkin, are more cost-effective than paper napkins.  

Making the choice to use cloth napkins in your home today can have a lasting impact on your family, their environment and their future. It’s not just a legacy of comfort or a more beautifully decorated home you’ll leave your family. It’s a legacy of providing the best for your family and being an example to your children, showing them how caring for their environment is caring for them.

Ready to make the right choice for your family and the environment?

Click here to find your favorite set of environmentally safe cloth napkins and show the world and your family just how much you care for them.