About LorDel Linens

Hi, my name is Lorraine. My husband, Dell, and I began LorDel Linens in 1999. We created and sold our hand-made table and home decor accessories at craft shows throughout the Midwest, including the Iowa State Fair for over 10 years. We opened our online Etsy Shop in October 2011. Dell and I enjoyed working together, creating quality products and meeting so many wonderful friends and customers over the years.

After Dell passed away in 2016,  our three sons and their families came together to help grow LorDel Linens online business. Each of my sons is blessed with tremendous God-given talents that have allowed me to continue doing what I love doing and transition into an online business rather than the physical demands of traveling, setting up and packing up from craft shows. They are all technically gifted with their own areas in which they specialize. I couldn’t tell you what that is necessarily, but if you are reading this, sharing this or looking at products in my Etsy shop. One of them or all three of them has had a hand in it.

As far as what I do? I just like pretty things. I love decorating with simple things. I enjoy fabric and beautiful table settings. I really love the process of finding new and unique fabrics that coordinate well. I love hearing from you and sharing new and exciting decorating tips and trends. Let me know if I can help you with some simple, fun and easy decorating for your table and home.

Thank you.

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