Complete Your Back To School List

Complete your back to school list this year with these fun Lunch Box Napkins from Each set of 4 brightly colored lunch box napkins have their own fun theme making going back to school something everyone can look forward to.

The Back to School set displays the primary colors on a yellow background and accented with bright red and blue thread. Making these napkins a part of your school supply list is elementary.

These napkins will be the Map to your Little Pirate’s Treasure! They feature fun pirate themed images on blue with blue thread. ARRRGH… whether it is “Talk Like a Pirate Day” or just Tuesday these adventurous lunch box napkins will add excitement to your little swash-buckler’s day!

Show them you Love them to the Moon and Stars with these adorable napkins featuring brightly colored Stars and Balls on a bright blue background and accented with blue thread. Inspire the little astronomers and astronauts in your family with these out-of-this world lunch box napkins.

Giddy Up! Round up the little ones and get there day started right by packin’ up one of these fun cowboy inspired lunch box napkins. These napkins feature a whimsical cowboy theme with horses, cactus, horseshoes and arrows on a lime background and accented with green thread.

All of our Lunch napkins are cut in a 10” square and finished with our beautiful serged edge! Our napkins are made of high quality 100% cotton, machine-washable and of course reusable, making them very friendly for the environment.

Make mealtime fun and exciting for your little ones! They will feel so grown up at the table with their own napkins. They will also love it when they open their lunch box and find these pretty, colorful, cloth napkins, just the right size!

All of these lunch box napkin sets are presently available at our Etsy store online. You can click on the above links to visit each one individually or click the link below to visit our Etsy store.