How I Discovered the Farmhouse in My Kitchen

Ticking fabric has been popular for a while now, and although I like it, it just never seemed to fit in with my decor style.

Recently, I had made up these Red and Cream Striped Ticking Table Runners. As I was getting ready to photograph them and add them to my Etsy shop, I  tried one on my little red and white enamel antique kitchen table, and I fell in love with it!

I have treasured this table for years always keeping a tablecloth on it to protect it and keep it nice. Now that I can show off my table with this Red and Cream Striped Ticking Table Runner, the tablecloth will be going back in the drawer for now.

I find it amazing the difference it makes to just change your table runner from one color or style to another. We don’t get to completely redecorate that often, so all the more reason to make frequent little changes here and there. Sometimes uncovering your table can be all the inspiration you need to find a whole new look for your kitchen or dining room table.

These farmhouse style table runners will be available in 36” Runners later this week. You’ll find this the perfect addition to your Farmhouse Style decor.

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