Learn the Pyramid Napkin Fold and Serve Up a Little Elegance with Dinner

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Pyramid Napkin Fold

The pyramid napkin fold is a fun way to serve up a little elegance with your dinner’s place settings. We’ve outlined the following steps of the Pyramid Napkin Fold below or if you’d prefer, you can follow along with our video instructions.

[1] Start with napkin face down and turned diagonally


[2] Pick up the corner farthest from you and bring it toward you forming a triangle


[3] & [4] take the left corner down to the bottom corner


[5] & [6] take the right corner down to the bottom corner


[7] from the bottom, collect all the layers and turn the whole thing upside down


[8] & [9] now take all of the layers at the top corner and fold over to the bottom corner

forming a triangle again


[10] take your left corner and fold over to the right corner


[11] & [12] stand up your pyramid napkin fold with the pleat in the front

We hope you enjoyed our napkin folding demonstration video and instructions for the Pyramid napkin fold. We will be adding new napkin folding and decorating videos periodically. Some of the videos will just be available to our VIP Members on our Exclusive Content page.

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